We have created a new sensor we call:

Non-Image Face Recognition sensor – NIFR.

At Beyond-Sense, we believe that our sensors will soon become the most popular solution in the industry. We know that every product we build requires hard-earned skills, dedication and a daring attitude.

NIFR sensor can be used at any area, commercial or private, creating safe private zones with no risk of pictures being hacked.


AAL – Ambient Assisted Living For The Elderly

A non-hackable solution that eliminates the risk of pictures privacy issues

Providing a non-hackable solution that supports privacy and creates a safer environment for the elderly at home with a community feeling around them

Using a safe non-image system, we track the behavior patterns and detect behavioral changes.

By Using AI to analyze those changes, healthcare providers can react to the developing problem and treat or visit the patient, in a quicker and more efficient way.

Receiving data and using it to set real-time priorities, for the necessary visits, decide which expertise is needed and what medical problem might start that needs early attention and reaction.

We can detect initial signs of potential depression, loneliness, track movement and provide detailed report when visits by professional caretaker took place.


Retailers & 

Shopping Malls


Bringing online capabilities to the offline shops – providing AI data driven real-time decision for brick & mortar shops. By acknowledging the individual frequency, counting how many times the client approach the shop and providing report such as unique users for management data-driven decisions.

Creating real-time AI actions per each individual, resulting in increasing shops sales.

With no need for client registration we can:


  • Identify first time buyers

  • Identify frequent buyers

  • Check dwelling time

  • Queue management

  • Identify unique buyers vs buyers

  • Increasing marketing roi



Provide anonymous recognition ID
No risk of pictures leaking out- hacker free
Allowing approved people to enter a specific zone
Alarming if unapproved people entering or inside
Physical access to personnel without the need to touch
Multiple places controlled with one registration
Actions can be done according to each individual identified person
Uses very low bandwidth area.


Smart Homes

Personalized Smart homes management
Identifying the individual wants within the home
Each home user will have his own different smart home actions within the general smart home

Actions can be done according to each individual identified person


A non-hackable solution that eliminates the risk of pictures privacy issue
Using AI to learn the wants and needs of each home user and suggestion smart home actions individually
Alarm incase unidentified person is in home
Registering hours of help/cleaner/care taker and reporting
Uses very low bandwidth


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