Marketing ROI

Measure and improve your marketing results

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  Measure marketing activities effectivness

Improve marketing budget results & improve shops results 

 Marketing activity a/b testing

Increase your store's marketing effectiveness, reach and encourage:

  • The rights clientele

  • Customer loyalty,

  • and greater spending per customer.


Getting the right data is vital in today's world.

Using online data and analytics for years, we use this tactic's to improve offline world marketing effectiveness

Providing insights and comparison:

  • Clienteling and offline Pareto- Analysis of best target group

  • A/B testing of shops changes and impact

  • Improve advertising ROI by effective targeting 

  • Improve results by measuring results and detailed data comparison

  • Target different metrics performance

  • Demographic insights targeting specific customer segments

  • Shops segmentation-combined criteria and its influence on turnover (demographics, items sold, turnovers, temperature, dwelling, and other data)

  • Measure the average time it takes to get service and suggest ways to improve

Increase your sales with the right marketing. 

Create effective sales by measuring your offline and online activities' effectiveness.  

There are so many different forms of offline, online marketing, and advertising, from billboards, flyers, SEO, social media campaigns, so the options to explore are aplenty.

Measure those activities is a must, to improve effectivness.



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