Bringing online capabilities to the offline shops

Checking social distancing & keeping clients safer 
Providing AI data-driven real-time decisions for brick & mortar shops.





Enhanced Customer Journey while maintaining social distancing and creating a personalized customer experience

Our system can generate powerful insights about your customers. Creating additional sources of revenue for your company. Bringing e-commerce style analytics to your physical locations.

Improving your business efficiency by knowing your buyers and receiving automated recommendations.
By acknowledging the individual frequency, counting how many times the client approach the shop and providing report such as unique users for management data-driven decisions.

Creating real-time AI actions per each individual, resulting in increasing shop sales.
With no need for client registration we can:
identify first-time buyers- and create actions to be taken in their first, second, and third visits thus turning first-time clients to loyal clients.

identify frequent buyers-creating higher value for those buyers, acknowledging those customers, and creating up-sell and cross-sell that results in higher turnovers and strengthen the connection with those frequent buyers.

check dwelling time- analyzing this data directs to better training of specific employees, allows better management of personnel, and creates additional insight into clients' needs and wants.

queue management- checking the length of queue and time provides insights into queue management of personnel resulting in reducing lost clients (those who give up waiting) and thus increase turnovers.

identify unique buyers vs buyers- this information is a must for anyone managing a business. Knowing how many unique clients and knowing how many times each one returns to your business helps in identifying many solutions to improving your turnovers.

increasing marketing ROI by comparing the frequency of returning clients, first-time clientele to the marketing campaign so that the marketing directors will have real data that will help them design the marketing according to their goals.


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