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Our technology makes each shop become a “data-house” and provides actionable insights to the owners improving personalization, customer journey, and increase marketing and sales effectiveness.

Using our technology the customers feels and know that the retailer “gets them” through deeper personalization AI, which goes beyond their expectations and drives brand loyalty.

AI made easy for retailers impact.

Computerized at the sensor, our NIFR sensor makes anonymous face recognition possible

Providing the tools and creating personalized AI solutions.


Put it at any facility and anywhere it matters, we balance technological progress, business owners and users needs

Use our technology to have non image, risk free, personalized identification capabilities. Receive information when someone arrives and connect our system to your existing systems or as a plug and play new system and make it personalized and tailored to your needs and wants.

Our sensors detect faces, while not keeping any pictures in any database, therefore can be used in areas where pictures can not or should not be taken as well as other segments:

  • Shopping malls and shops

  • Security and safety

  • Companies that want to limit risk of  information breaching out by pictures taken from their computer screens

  • Toilets

  • Private homes

The system creates a unique facial ID that can not be remade into a picture, an Anonymous face recognition.

low bandwidth (less then 1% compared to regular cameras) is enabling use of many sensors if needed with out loading internet connection

Of-course when such person is recognized, by using AI, a set of rules is created to set up individual/personal actions according to her/his needs & set of rules.

Our main goal is balancing the "privacy vs. technology" issues by using smart technology and Building a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere. 

Changing the Rules of the Game


Our main goal has always been to find an idea that can improve the world and make it a little better and safer, almost superman style, so we could all live more comfortably and be safer.

We’re a talented group experienced entrepreneurs and engineers with a groundbreaking idea.

We love what we create and do.

We are implementing ideas and make it happen by gathering data and analyzing it without compromising any privacy.


We are a startup looking for the best and brightest people with the right approach to work-life balance.

Join our team in our never-ending efforts to improve quality of life, making it a safer more secure world in aspects that we all care about.

Let's make the world better together


We are looking for a strategically-minded person that is able to create cooperation with other like-minded companies and support our vision.

Will be involved in decision making and challenges that shape the future, and improve the balance between privacy and technological progress. 

Creative, self-driven person, with self-learning ability that is open-minded and flexible is a great advantage.


We are looking for algorithms wizard (creative, self driven, with self-learning ability) that challenges the forefront of technology. 

Knowledge in Python, Deep learning and AI in computer vision and image processing, experience with open libraries and capability to implement brilliant algorithm on low power processors, is a huge advantage. 

This position fits open minded people that would like to create advance technology and enable greater privacy in a ever advancing big brother world.

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