Individualizing your interaction to be truly smart and truly yours

Never forget a face
With our Actionable client experience system

We make anonymous face recognition possible.
Providing tools and creating personalized AI solutions.

Balancing between technology vs. Privacy by providing safe and comfortable solutions that improve the use of technology where it matters the most.


Acknowledge your clients and personalize your products, service and marketing efforts. 
Using data collection and AI to identify needs and wants and creating actions per each individual, bringing online capabilities to the offline world.


Bringing online analytical capabilities to the offline shops, providing AI data-driven real-time decision for brick & mortar shops

Counting & Conversion

Count the people passing by and entering your shop.
And know the demographics and uniqueness of those people

Clients Journey

Personalize clients offer
Increase your turnover by up to 20%

Marketing ROI

Measure & improve your marketing
efforts and effectivness

Our Technology

Data is collected by CCTV (or sensors), POS system/loyalty systems

Our non-image face recognition technology – NIFR, provides a safe possibility for personalized solutions, making anonymous face recognition possible.


We collect data, and organizing it.

Using behavioral models, and AI we provide analytics dashboard.


Using our AI tools we provide an actionable insights tool, that bring data back in order to personalize your clients contact, and increase loyalty and sales.   


Our Story

Our main goal has always been to find an idea that can improve the world and make it a little better, almost superman style.


Leading shops into the future in a way that will provide livelihood to more people and helping everyone to live more comfortably and safer.

We’re a talented group experienced entrepreneurs and engineers with a groundbreaking idea.

We love what we create and do.

We are implementing ideas and make it happen by gathering data and analyzing it without compromising any privacy.



Want To Talk Further About Your Needs?

Why Partner up with Beyond Sense?

We believe bricks and mortar shops should have the same possibilities as online shops.
Working hard and open minded we think of ways to bring those good online methods and place them together with those good offline methods, helping and providing physical shops with the right tools to compete.

Use our technology to have non-image, risk-free, personalized identification capabilities.

Collect data, analyse it, and get actionable analytics is what we are all about.


We do that in a way that is easy to implement at any shop small and big. 

Our sensors detect faces, while not keeping any pictures in any database, therefore, can be used in areas where pictures cannot or should not be taken.





Shopping malls



Partner up with Beyond Sense

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